Completion of Home Learning is useful for many reasons. It is an opportunity for pupils to practise and embed the learning completed in lessons; it prepares pupils for future learning; revisits prior learning and enables pupils to extend or elaborate their work. Research shows that effective Home Learning can improve pupil progress by up to 8 months and it is certainly the case that pupils who do their Home Learning tend to be more successful. For those that complete good Home Learning and are self-motivated, there is an increasing need to become more independent in their studies at home to prepare for further study. 
A Home Learning Timetable is produced for all pupils at the start of the school year. Home Learning should be clearly recorded in all pupils’ planners. Tasks set are also available for parents to see on INSIGHT. (A link to which can be found on the school website. The pupil’s username and password to log in is the same as their school account for ease.) As a school we attempt to place all Home Learning onto INSIGHT for home to see what work is being set and when it is to be handed in. Should you have any questions about this please contact your subject teacher.   

At secondary level the Government recommends that the time spent on Home Learning or GCSE preparation should fall between these ranges: 
Year 7 and 8 = 45 minutes to 90 minutes per day 
Year 9 = 1 to 2 hours per day 
Year 10 and 11 = 1.5 to 2.5 hours per day 
This is a minimum suggestion and pupils who achieve an ATL 2 often go above and beyond expectations. 

In order to access BSM@HOME and Microsoft Teams, pupils will need their Office 365 username and password. This may be known to the pupils as their email username and password. If pupils do not know their account or password details then they will need to contact school or email to find out what it is or get it reset. 

Please see the links below should you or your child require help navigating Office365 and links to websites should you need support about online safety

How to access Microsoft 356: Outlook and Teams

How to upload work onto Teams using the school website link

How to upload work onto Teams using the app

Reading and sending emails through Microsoft 365

How to view feedback from teachers on work completed

Behaviour expectations during Remote Learning activities 

How to stay safe online 

Useful websites - 


Free software to assist with home learning. (Click on the picture below to download)