Each of our faculty teams strives towards excellence in delivering first quality teaching for all pupils through an exciting and broad curriculum. Each curriculum fulfils the requirements of the National Curriculum and is delivered through a variety of appropriate learning and teaching styles which create an effective climate for learning.

Through creative, flexible and tailored approaches to teaching it will promote:

  • high expectations and challenge for every child developing high aspirations to achieve and grow
  • knowledge and understanding of core and foundation subjects
  • mastery of intellectual, physical and social skills
  • strong growth mindset, where every child understands that a good attitude to learning makes them stronger and equips them for lifelong learning.
  • awareness of moral responsibility towards ourselves, our school community and the world beyond the school gates
  • the interconnectedness of all learning within a Christian interpretation of the world
  • understanding of and preparedness for the world of work and enterprise
  • understanding of how British values are integrated into our Christian ethos