Welcome to Our School

A message from Headteacher, Mrs Oddie:

"Welcome to Brownedge St Mary's. I encourage you to come and visit us and I would be delighted to show you our vibrant school. If you do, I guarantee you will be greeted with a warm welcome from all in our family. Once you have joined us, we will work in partnership to guide and nurture, ensuring that your child has every opportunity to shine."

School Mission

Our special mission as a Catholic school is to "Let your light shine." We believe that each and every young person is precious, unique and has many God-given gifts and talents: some obvious, others not yet known. Our mission is to discover and develop these talents so that when your child leaves us, they shine with joy, confidence and success.

Pastoral Care

“The pupils are known well and cared about” (Ofsted)

Brownedge has a strong tradition of going the extra mile to make sure our children are well-cared for and included. Staff pride themselves in really knowing pupils in their care. The school house system means that older pupils have opportunities to mentor younger ones and help build the family values that permeate our school.

Inspiring Teaching

Engaging teaching is at the heart of our great school. With subject specialists in all departments, pupils are inspired and challenged to master concepts, knowledge and skills, and develop a true love of learning.


Image of Mental Health Champions 2023
27 September 2023

Mental Health Champions 2023

A fresh group of champions ready to make a difference

Image of Premier League Kicks
25 September 2023

Premier League Kicks

A Premier League winner in our ranks!

Image of Teresa Feast Day 2023
25 September 2023

Teresa Feast Day 2023

Celebrating one of our incredible House Saints