"It is the close partnership of family, school and parish which best nurtures the strength of faith required to meet the challenges of our world. All three places are havens of learning where we can discover through word and deed, through example and encouragement, the love that God has for us and how we may respond to that gift of love.

Real education comes through much more than the transmission of facts and knowledge. Education is a lived reality where facts are translated into decisions and demonstrated by action. We surely grow strongest in Faith when we learn of what Jesus taught us, by word and action, in his ministry. We are his disciples as we learn about Him and we become missionaries when we take that discipleship and translate it into the actions and decisions of every day.

Our homes must demonstrate the nurturing love of God through the close affection of family relationship.

Our parishes must be places where we celebrate our Faith in Word and Sacrament, in liturgy and prayer.

Our schools must reinforce that faith by challenging and encouraging each pupil to be the best that they can be in the discovery of their gifts and talents and in the celebration of community."

The Right Rev John Arnold, Bishop of Salford

Our school mission is to do just as Bishop John asks. Our special mission as a Catholic school is to “Let your light shine”. We believe that each and every young person is precious and unique and has many God-given gifts and talents: some obvious; others not yet known. As a school, our mission is to discover and develop these talents to their full potential so that when your child leaves us in Year 11, he or she shines with joy, confidence and success. Their light also represents hope, truth, courage and love and these should all be developed, shared and allowed to shine with generosity and pride. By doing this we ensure that our pupils’ journeys into adulthood are also journeys of faith from which grow values, aspirations and morals that inform their actions and choices as unique individuals.