School House Council Meetings Feedback

Pupils Said

  1. All Houses say that pupils feel safe in school
  2. The site is secure with the fencing and gates being closed at 8.50 prompt, staff on duty at break, lunch times.
  3. Pupils understand the lockdown procedure and appreciate assemblies and letters home raising awareness of current happenings to be aware of and how to deal with them.
  4. Pupils know what to do if they ever feel unsafe and who to go to if there is an incident
  5. Pupils mentioned various places they felt vulnerable at the end of the day, the ginnel to the North of the school main gate, around Greedy Munchkins.
  6. One House mentioned the lack of staff on duty on the astro/grass area at the top of the field.

What We Did

  1. For staff to continue being vigilant and having a high presence during non-lesson time as well as in the classroom.
  2. Site staff to continue to lock the gates promptly
  3. To keep pupils up to date with current events that may impact pupils and how to deal with them.
  4. Posters to be displayed around school to make pupils aware of the staff in charge of safeguarding
  5. Duty staff have been made aware of these areas and will patrol them
  6. An extra member of staff to be placed on the grass area of the field to prevent pupils going past the second lighting station as well as keeping an eye on behaviour on the astro

School House Council Meetings Feedback

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