As a school we are committed to developing 21st Century learners and in a ever emerging technological world we pride ourselves in embracing new and innovative pedagogical practice. We have already proven ourselves to be a leading centre in the use of technology through our effective deployment of our remote learning planning during the pandemic. We seamlessly facilitated continued learning for our pupils through challenging times. As a future thinking school, we are excited to announce that from September 2023 all our new year 7 students will receive an iPad to enhance and deepen learning here at Brownedge St Mary’s.

Our digital strategy is integrating the use of new technologies into pupils’ learning experience at Brownedge and enhance it even further with access to the latest technology, whether that be interactive software or augmented reality. The possibilities are endless in preparing our pupils for an increasing technological landscape in the future. We are committed to this ambitious and innovative vision and so from September 2023 we are launching our one-to-one device programme. This will see all pupils in year 7 be equipped with an iPad 10, trackpad keyboard and approved sturdy case. This combination of hardware alongside the Apple Classroom software will ensure pupils' learning is enhanced through the creativity of Apple technology alongside the functionality of it being akin to a laptop. A combination that we are confident will provide outstanding functionality and diverse opportunities in its application to learning.

Implementing a change of this magnitude and developing pupil behaviours around the appropriate use of such advanced technology will be a crucial part of the project. Therefore, in its initial phases to establish routines and develop skills it will be necessary for pupils to leave their device in school, where it will be charged overnight for the following day. This will ensure no pupil is ever without their device during this period of induction.

That being said, we also appreciate that the link between home and school learning is as important in the learning partnership. We recognise that although the school has invested heavily in this initiative for the benefit of our pupils, there are undoubtedly benefits to be had for this device to be a link in learning at home. Therefore, it is anticipated that we will provide the option in the future to forge a partnership with parents. This will be a unique arrangement so that pupils will benefit from being able to integrate this technology into all aspects of their learning; at school and at home. We are finalising the details of this arrangement but expect it to be a nominal cost to parents in the first year, with a view to expand the scheme to full ownership in future years.