The Full Governing Body meets each term and each Committee also meets termly. The Committees of Governors that meet are as follows:

Quality of Education Committee

This Committee evaluates our curriculum intent, implementation and impact.  It reviews the inclusivity of the curriculum and how it meets the needs of all children, the quality of teaching and learning and how it meets the varied needs of all children by “developing unique gifts and talents and striving for excellence”, the effectiveness of teaching and learning “nurturing the journey of faith and discovery for all” by delivering excellent SMSC outcomes and the effectiveness of interventions in reducing the barriers to children learning and developing. The committee will evaluate the above outcomes for children in particular groups including the Most Able, DSEN, PPI and students who belong to ethnic minority groups and expect gaps between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged children to be closing.

Staffing Committee

Committee ensures that plans are in place to replace staff who are leaving. It also evaluates and regulates the staffing structure that the school has and ensures that the finances are in place to maintain acceptable levels of class sizes, whilst ensuring specialist teaching in all areas. The Committee also oversees the welfare of the staff.

Pupil Welfare & Discipline Committee

Committee meetings focus on pupil voice with the issues highlighted by the School Council in their regular meetings. The Committee’s aim is to ensure the welfare and safety of the pupils and also ensure their full involvement in their learning throughout their years in our school.

Finance & Premises Committee

This group of Governors considers the School Budget and how the different elements of the high school are financed. The School Budget comes to us at the end of March. We plan for the following financial year and ensure that all plans are relayed to the school community via the School Development Plan. Most of the budget is taken up with staffing costs and the Committee is very keen to ensure that we can maintain appropriate levels of staffing in our school. On the buildings side of its remit the Committee considers plans both short and long term to improve the quality of provision we offer to our pupils.