4 August 2020

As you will know, school has a fiercely contested inter-house cup competition each term. Pupils wait with anticipation at our end of term liturgy at St Mary’ Church to find out who the winner is. Every Head of House will tell you that they are the best House, who knows who is right and who is wrong? 

Lockdown began towards the end of the Spring term and we didn’t have a chance to complete the events or have our end of term liturgy. Summer term began and ended without the opportunity to complete any competitions. We did think about running some challenges on ‘Teams’ but eventually took the view that many pupils were already dealing with the challenges of the new way of remote learning and may have felt unnecessarily pressured to complete additional tasks. Brownedge St Mary’s has always had a proud history and tradition of an inter-house cup. We believe that healthy, friendly competition brings out the best in many pupils. We all have to learn how to cope with both success and failure, winning and losing and doing so graciously. It takes a strong person to shake the hand of the winner and say ‘well done’ even though you may have just lost.

Everyone of us has had to live through very challenging times during the COVID pandemic. Some of us have lost friends and family, some of us will know people who have been in intensive care, staff and pupils have contracted coronavirus. Living in challenging times has taken its toll on many pupils, mentally and physically. We have to believe that when we face adversity we grow stronger, eventually we learn to develop coping mechanisms and we develop resilience. We believe that to some extent all of our pupils have learned to cope and grow. We have grown together as a family and as a community, with staff, parents and pupils all pulling together to do our best to make the most of a bad situation. We took the decision therefore that WE ARE ALL WINNERS. For the first time in the schools 62 year history, the inter-house cup JOINT winners were: BOSCO DREXEL KOLBE ROMERO and TERESA