We know that some pupils may be concerned about taking a COVID test, particularly if they have done so before, so we have recorded the video below to show you what is likely to happen.  We have filmed a member of staff, Mrs Sinclair, receiving a test in our testing site so that you can see what needs to be done at each stage.  We know some pupils are concerned about privacy and we respect that so we have 5 private bays with screens so no one can see you self test. 

Covid Self Test Poster

As you will see, you will be supported by staff throughout the process and we have added privacy screens so that tests being completed are not seen by others.  Pupils waiting for tests will be sat away from those being tested and will face a different direction.  We will also limit the number of pupils allowed into the test facility to enable social distancing to be maintained.  Finally, all pupils will be offered 3 tests over the course of a few weeks so that they will know what to do when they are testing themselves at home, when the time comes.