Inspection of Catholic Schools

What is Section 48?

Under Section 48 of the Education Act 2005 the Bishop has the right to inspect any Catholic school or college within his Diocese to evaluate the quality of Religious Education and the Catholic nature of the school. In the Diocese of Salford, these inspections are carried out on a cyclical basis by trained inspectors, the majority of whom are current diocesan serving headteachers. The Framework which governs these inspections is the 5W’s Framework for Review, Evaluation and Celebration of our Catholic schools in the Diocese of Salford. The Framework describes and exemplifies the expectation of provision of Catholic education in our schools and colleges and provides schools with a lens through which they can review and reflect upon their educational community as an authentic and distinctive institution.

The Framework enables us to celebrate our heritage and tradition of excellence in Catholic education at the service of the Church’s mission to the world. to read our most recent Section 48 Diocesan Report please click on the link below.

Diocesan Report